Stripey Jack Blouse (Blue)

Stripey Jack Blouse (Blue)

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A linen/cotton blend blouse with a dramatic stripe and a pleated, flared sleeve. 

The blouse length can either be “crop”, which sits perfectly over the Teddy Skirt as well as over slip dresses, or ”full”, which works with general high-waisted jeans and high-waisted skirts.

The “crop” length is 40cm from shoulder to hem.

The “full” length is 48cm from shoulder to hem.

Size 1: Fits sizes 8-14. Bust from up to 98cm

Size 2: Fits sizes 14-18. Bust from 99cm to 111cm (available soon. Please email for more details)

Sleeves are available in short or long lengths.

Short sleeve is 17cm (34cm from shoulder) and long sleeve measures 27cm (44cm from shoulder)   

Blouse buttons at the back, these buttons are often vintage finds so will vary from blouse to blouse. 

All items are made to order, so please allow at least two weeks for your item to arrive.

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